Bank on North West Sheds

I’m sure Bookmakers were quite relieved that McIlroy didn’t win the Masters, Shutthefrontdoor failed at the National or Wiggins couldn’t muster one last win for Team Sky at the Paris Roubaix. I’m a big fan of McIlroy and Wiggins but luckily for me I didn’t’t try to cash on what looked like dead certs.

Something I am tipping for 2015 is the North West Industrial market. I doubt William Hill are taking many bets on the North West Industrial Market outperforming IPD but if they were, I'm sure the odds would be short. We all know that the market is driven by supply and occupier demand so when you consider that the North West has benefitted from over four years of strong take up and no spec development it won’t be a surprise to hear that there is a shortage of supply. As a result, developer and fund confidence have meant spec development is starting to return to the region.  Availability at the moment almost entirely led by design and build opportunities in developments such as Omega, Port Salford, Logistics North and Airport City Manchester but true spec build developments are sure to follow. These dynamics are driving rental tone, lease length and reducing occupier incentive levels.

The North West is also going to benefit from the region becoming an increasingly important, key distribution hub for the UK. With the advent of Liverpool2, the UK's most central deep water container terminal, the regions strategic importance is further enhanced. The development will double the size of the Port of Liverpool’s handling capacity. Couple this with automotive and aerospace manufactures investing heavily in the region to take advantage of the local supply of skilled labor, the North West industrials market looks set to go from strength to strength.